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 Micra Manual

♦ Usage

 Micra Tools consists of many functions, which are combined into one application. This tool is making work much simplier and quicker.
 The Advantage is that Micra Tools can be upgraded or modified. To match our requirements and to be more user friendly.

 In this way is the tool begin a very powerful and efficient helper in our work with 3D Studio Max. Sawing our time and keeping good mood.
 Any multiple operation or difficulties can be solved with several clicks.

♦ Installation

1) Save file on disc. (Save Linked Content As…).
2) Drag and drop into 3DsMax window and wait till the Installation is finished.
3) Restart Max! And that's it!

♦ Interface


• Menu

Help : Displays this manual.
Customize: Opens panel with tools, settings and about.
Toolbars: Shows / Hides each toolbar.
Profiles: Creates and saves different Profiles.

• Customize

Actions: A list of tools, sorted by category, which you can drag on toolbar. Every time you select a tool, you can see a short explanation below.
Autorun, Interface colors, Updates, Atd…
About Micra and its authors.

• Toolbar

Grid: Here you can drag tools from Action Panel. First you have to go into Edit mode. (Doubleclick on top bar or press menu Edit.)

♦ Tools


Quick way to distribute objects on a surface.

 1)Select a surface on which you want to place objects.
 2)Select objects which you want to place on surface.
 3)Run Distributor tool and start placing the objects.

 Leftmouse: Shifting objects on surface.
 Rightmouse: Select next object or For Exit pres two times.
 Shift+Leftmouse: Clone objects.
 Ctrl+Leftmouse: Rotation.
 Alt+Leftmouse: Deleting –> WIP
 Ctrl+Shift+Leftmouse: Add a new object into set. –> WIP

3D Gallery
Shared database of models and their components. You can build anything from this.

Mužete snadno:
–add new models
––delete models
–rename models
–merge models into scene
–create main folders
–create subfolders
Painting on the surface will be added in the future.

Clone 2
Clone objects with interactive visualization. This way you can calculate right numbers of clones and their distances.

Transformation grid which gives you possibility to rotate, mirror and manipulate pivot.

 On top of view you can change rotation angle.
 Combination of Ctrl+Leftmouse can place pivot on any of green markers.

Repair Object
If one object causes Max crashes, this will use one of three methods to fix it.

 -Standard: will exchange old pivot with a new one.
 -Export/Import: will export model as *.obj, delete old, and new one will be imported.
 -Merge: All selected models will be transfered in a new scene.

Bounding Box
Creating collision from selected geometry. Works also with vetrex selection.

 Ctrl+Leftmouse: will create a dummy in center of the object.
 Shift+Leftmouse: will use better but slower algorithm –>WIP

Align object by 2 Edges
Will straighten the rotation of an object, using the angle of two selected edges.

Will create instances betwen selected objects, or will find all instances from selection Ctrl+Leftmouse.

Deep Isolate
Simple and quick way to show hide objects or geometry. With two shortcuts only

Keystroke can be set up in Customize Interface\Category:Micra
 Recommended settings:
DeepIsolateHide: Alt+Q
DeepIsolateUnhide: Alt+Shift+Q

Spline Magnet
Drawing splines on meshes. The splines can be converted to geometry.

Will distribute objects in space randomly.

Snap To Ground
Will place selected objects on grid. +Shift will open a panel for more options.

Color Palete
Create you own color palette, which will not disappear after Max restart.

 Ctrl+Lefrmouse: add color from selected object.
 Alt +Lefrmouse: remove color.
 Middlemouse: edit color.

Quad Check
All non quad polygons will be selected.


Will collapse selected models into one or break one into elements.

Lowpolygon Wizard
Creation of a new topology using hipoly meshes.

Bridge Spline
Will create a spline between two faces.

Ring Optimizer
Will optimize ring selection. You can use it for optimizing meshes.

Clear Vertices In Line
Will delete vertices without three connection. Reducing vertex count after boolean function.

Find Double Faces
All overlapped polygons will be selected.

Nurms Subdivision Toggle
Will turn ON / OFF Nurms Subdivision on all selected objects.

Odstraní z polygonu šikmé přímky, tak aby zůstali čtverce. (WIP)

Poly Split Ring
Cut rings with preview.
Author: Enrico Gullotti

+Ctrl the cut is constrained to the middle.

Edge Scale Align
Make the length of edges the same.



Unwrap UVW Plus
Advanced function for UVW Mapping.

A) will convert selection into vertices.
B) will convert selection into edges.
C) will convert selection into faces.
D) will select border of mapping.
E) will select mapping elements with the same size.
F) will find mapping with overlapping.
G) will move mapping one window further or scale it.

 Ctrl+Leftmouse: will double size (arrow right), or half size (arrow left).
 Shift+Leftmouse: only for middle mouse, will move all pieces to one place.


3P Grid
Will create a new grid, which temporalily replaces the default grid.
You can do modeling with this on straightnen surfaces.
After deleting this grid, default will be activated automatically.


 Center pivot
Will center pivot in object.

 Center Object
Will center object in scene.


Reset Material Editor
Will free all slots in material editor.

Image To Plane
Will bring picture to plane with size 1:1.

Set Object ID
Will set ID for selected objects or polygons.

Edit Textures In PS
Textures from all selected models will be edited in Photoshop.

Selected part of mapping will be transfered into Photoshop.

Add Checker
Will apply a checker to selection, better mapping results.


For the fastest access you can put here the most useful modifiers.


Select Half
Will select left or right half of the model (axis X).

 Shift+Leftmousebutton: Select front or back half of the model (axis Y)
 Control+Leftmousebutton: Select upper or lower half of the model (axis Z)

In Conclusion:
 Most of the tools work correctly, but some of them are still not finished yet.
 If there is any trouble or if you have any proposals to make it better, I will be glad to hear about it. Please contact me at merlin_el@hotmail.com or forum.
 Rene Baca 2012/03/15 13:56
 Best Regards